What is 4K TV

What is 4K TV: The Complete Guide to Ultra HD TV

The encroachment of new technology has impacted so much on the world of TVs, making it possible to get world-class options that do magnificent! You will find many types of TVs such as HDR10+, the Dolby Vision HDR, and 8K options, all of which have a multitude of users, but have you ever stop to wonder what 4K TV is?

4K TV receives a wide range of applications, especially in Netflix and Amazon, because they offer several 4K compatible devices. It will be beneficial to get all the facts of what the 4K TV can do, but first, what is 4K TV?

What is 4K?

We can define a 4K TV as a television set with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels! They are sometimes known as the Ultra HD TV since it has many pixels four times than the standard HD TV. Many pixels will translate to better clarity with sharp pictures! You will want something that will accord better detail and texture, that is why you will be happy!

The 4K TV screen is far better than the regular smart tv, which may also mean that you will acquire it at a higher price than you could have obtained an HD TV with! But your interest here is finer details as a result of unquestionable resolution power!

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What is the Difference Between 4K and Ultra HD?

In most instances, the two terms are interchangeably used. You will only expect the correct answer from the professionals in video production or the cinema industry! 4K is a digital cinema standard that will be 4096 by 2160 pixels resolution, which may prove to be so hard for a non-specialist to understand! Only professionals will be so keen on these details. This will mean that the best 4K Ultra HD TV will fit a 1.85:1 ratio. The horizontal measurement falls in the four thousand neighborhoods and is double the prior 2K standards!

For an Ultra HD, it largely entails a consumer display and broadcast standard, unlike the 4K, a professional production, and cinema standard! 4K derives from a digital cinema initiative, which is four times the first 2K standard. The Ultra high definition or rather Ultra HD will be used for displays that have aspects ratio of 16:9 or even wider. It can also be practical for a display with at least one digital input capable of carrying and presenting a native video with a minimum resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels

Types of 4K TV

You will mainly find two types of 4K TVs! They include the LED and OLED option. The technology has improved, and you can still find an infamous QLED option, a derivative of LCD/LED types. You can find a 4k TV for sale that has either of the two designs.

  • OLED 4K TVs

The OLED 4K TVs have an organic light-emitting diode where they are designed with a high degree of accuracy contrast and also a better angle of viewing. There is an advantage that you get when you use an OLED option. First, you will appreciate that the pictures are free from blur since the pixels are individually illuminated to produce true blacks and whites! The 4K curved TV often falls in this category.

  • LED 4K TVs

LED designs are the most common types of 4K UHD TV types that have light-emitting diodes. The picture quality and delivery are quite impressive. They have very tin panels that mean that they can easily fit in small spaces. You can find the best 4K TV deals that use back or edge lighting.

  • QLED 4K TVs

QLED sometimes has a name as the LCD TVs where the Samsung Company sells them. If you have ever heard about the quantum dots, then it’s the technology that the QLED uses. The quantum-dot technology changes the blue color of the LED temperature to a more pure white light! You may have noticed that the 4K TV will produce very clear and precise and deeper colors. QLED may be close to the OLED in terms of delivery.

Sizes of The 4K TV Available in The Market

What makes the 4K TV options to be very impressive is the fact that exit I varieties! You will have to choose between the number of options depending on the space that you will have. The different 4K TV brands have several devices that will ensure that it reaches all people who may have different budgets! The bigger the size, the better the resolution power, and the higher the price! They are categorized according to sizes. Medium-sized Tv will be the best for gaming!

The small size of the TV is the cheap 4K TV that you can select from.

  • 32 inches
  • 40 inches
  • 50 inches

The medium-sized 4K TVs include falls among the best buy 4K TVs options that will be friendly in terms of prices and space!

  • 55 inch
  • 60inch
  • 65 inch

The largest sizes include

  • 70 inch
  • 75 inch
  • 80 inch

You will have to choose the variety that will best fit your budget. The best Buy 4k TV is medium-sized since it fits some small spaces and there prices are also friendly.

What Brands Make The Best 4K Ultra HD TV?

The leading brands that will deliver the best 4K TV for gaming ranging from the smallest TV to the bigger ones will be available in the leading brands such as;

  • Apple
  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • Philips
  • Vizio
  • Samsung
  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Amazon
  • Panasonic

How Much Internet Speed Needs to Stream?

The speed requirement will depend on the app that you will be using. Netflix and Amazon will require speed that must not come below 15Mbps to stream. More often, the streaming service will start with a blurred picture following a low-resolution power that it stats with, but it changes over time as it gains momentum. In instances where the speeds are no consistent, it will tend to slip back to HD.

You may have noticed that Netflix specifies that the minimum speed that they will work with is 25Mbps, which is only meant to save themselves from any issues where the speed may fall below 15MbPS!

Bottom Line

Most 4K TV review will agree that is the best option that you can ever choose from. The best 4K TV deals are available online, and all you will need to do is choose a service from the best brand that has the best 4K TV sale deals! Ensure that you are getting the best 4K TV brand that will be serving all your needs entirely! Learn the basics of any of them before deciding to acquire them!