Thrive Shakes Weight Loss Safety Side Effects

Thrive Shake: Weight Loss, Safety, Side Effects and More

Meal replacement shakes have become a staple in many weight-loss diets. The shakes are low-calorie meal alternatives that contain essential nutrients to keep the body functioning properly on a caloric deficit. Thrive shakes are a meal replacement shake that fit the mold of the traditional meal replacement shake, with low calories and important vitamins and minerals for the body.

What is Thrive Shake

Thrive shakes are made by Level as a meal replacement shake for weight loss to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The Thrive shake is ideally meant to be consumed as a part of an eight-week plan to help people achieve weight loss and maximize their physical state.

  • Thrive Shakes and Weight Loss

Thrive shakes are definitely an effective form of weight loss, as like many meal replacements shake. The thrive shakes contain 110 calories, which is a stark contrast to the calorie total in many meals. With the average meal being between 400 and 700 calories, the Thrive shake helps keep you at a caloric deficit throughout the day and promote weight loss.

  • Thrive Shake Taste

Thrive shakes have multiple flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and apple pie. Because of these flavor choices, they appeal to many different tastes. Chocolate and vanilla are traditional shake flavors, as is strawberry. Apple pie provides a flavor choice not much other meal replacement shakes on the market offer.

Thrive Shake Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of Thrive shakes is protein. This soy protein provides the shake with 15 grams of protein, which is important to maintain your muscles while burning fat, and also give you a satisfied and full feeling after drinking the shakes. Having 15 grams of protein and only 110 calories is a great ratio of protein to calories. However, some studies have shown the soy protein found in This shake can disrupt hormones and even lead to weight gain. However, these shakes also contain pea and whey concentrate protein which are typical proteins included in many meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

Other important ingredients in Thrive shakes are fiber and vitamins and mineral blends. Each Thrive shake has five grams of fiber. Fiber is crucial in all meal replacement shakes for weight loss, as it helps keep the body feeling full and helps with digestion. Thrive shakes also contain vitamins A, C, D, E, and B6 along with minerals calcium, zinc, and magnesium. These are all critical for the body, and consuming them all in the shake is a great way to make sure your body is getting enough of all these essential vitamins and minerals.

Thrive Shake Price

Thrive shakes have a steep price, costing $65 plus shipping for 16 packets. This gives the shakes a price of $4.06 per shake in addition to the shipping costs, which is on the more expensive side for meal replacement shakes.

Thrive Shake Advantages

Advantages of It

The biggest advantage of Thrive shakes lie in its ingredients. Thrive shakes are very low in calories and have high amounts of fiber and protein. With 5 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein in only 110 calories, Thrive shakes provide the body with both of these essential nutrients at a very low cost in calories. Also, the vitamins and minerals in these shakes are crucial for the body to have, so when eating at a caloric deficit having these nutrients in the shake can help make up for not having them in other areas of your diet. The high levels of protein and fiber also lead you to feel full for a long time after drinking the shake, which is another benefit of these Thrive shakes.

Disadvantages of It

One of the bid disadvantages of thrive shakes is the price. At over $4 per shake, they are definitely one of the more expensive meal replacement shakes on the market. However, when considering the price of eating a meal out, these shakes are still a less expensive and healthier alternative. Another disadvantage of Thrive shakes is the inclusion of soy protein. This is not a great form of protein to have in the shake, however, its inclusion is minimal because the shakes also contain pea and whey proteins which are much better forms of protein for the body.

  • Thrive Reviews

Thrive reviews have been mostly positive, with many customers experiencing weight loss when drinking the shakes. Also, the taste of these shakes has been applauded by many customers, which is not usually the case for many meal replacement shakes. Some customers even reported experiencing higher energy and better sleep after drinking the thrive shakes in their Thrive reviews. On eBay, the average rating for the Thrive shake was 4.7 which is an extremely high rating for a meal replacement shake. Around 90% of the reviews enjoyed the shake’s taste and experienced weight-loss benefits from consuming it. Of the reviews, 25 gave it 5 stars out of the 28 reviewers, which definitely says something for the quality of the Thrive shake.

  • Other Thrive Products

Another thrive product is the thrive patch. The thrive patch is a relatively new weight loss product, which helps deliver the nutrients from other Thrive products to the body. However, these patches have not been proven to have any impact on weight loss. For many people, the shakes on their own will be enough to help eat at a caloric deficit and achieve their weight loss goals without this additional costly product from Thrive.

Bottom Line

Thrive shakes are low in calories, high in protein and fiber, and do not contain a ton of added sugar. However, they also contain soy protein and are very expensive for meal replacement shakes. When making a decision on if Thrive shakes are for you, it is important to view the different flavors they offer compared to competitors. Also, look at the nutrition facts of other competitors and look for which as the lowest amount of calories with high protein and fiber, in a flavor you like.