Signs That Say Your Liver is Compromised and What You Need to Do

The liver is known to be both the largest and heaviest body organ. Its primary function is the regulation of chemicals in the blood. Also, the liver is responsible for the elimination of bile juice in a process that helps transport wastes and other toxins away from the liver. All the blood that leaves the digestive tracts passes through the liver. Consequently, the liver breaks down the constituents of the blood and processes nutrients for the whole body. As such, the liver needs remain healthy and fully functional all the time. In case your liver develops some complications or becomes unhealthy, you will need to start making specific changes by adopting only the best lifestyle.

If your liver fails to convert the body’s toxins into waste, the toxins remain within the body until the liver gets healthy enough to discharge them. Such a situation can lead to severe health complications. When the liver gets unhealthy, it slowly begins to fail. This can lead to serious fungal and bacterial infection. The situation can also result to drop in the body’s blood sugar level and swelling in the brain.

If you happen to experience the signs listed below, your liver may be having difficulties handling your current lifestyle and as such, you ought to choose the best lifestyle changes that will rejuvenate your liver’s health.

Low Blood Sugar Levels:

Your liver’s main responsibility is to regulate and maintain your body’s blood sugar level. If the liver gets seriously compromised in any way, your blood sugar level will start to drop. The liver breaks down glucose after you have eaten a meal. If the liver lacks the ability to process and release the glucose into the bloodstreams, the glucose level in your body will begin to fall drastically. This will eventually result in extreme fatigue.

Hormonal Imbalance: The liver is also known to control the sex hormones. If your liver gets adversely damaged, it could lead to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. This could, in turn, result in severe health problems like severe PMS symptoms as well as low libido.

Unexplained Mood Swings: The brain controls both the human memory and the mood. In case of a liver failure, toxins begin to infiltrate your brain, a condition that could lead to bad mood swings and poor memory. In a majority of depression and anxiety cases, the individual’s liver is usually severely damaged. If you begin to experience unexplained mood swings and/or memory loss, you should consult a health professional.

Poor Immune System: Many individuals don’t realize that the liver plays a very important role in the shaping of the body’s immune system. The nutrients it supplies boost the immune system in the fight against infections. It also prevents toxin build up in your body by helping discharge them. If the liver is not in a position to do all these, your immunity is bound to grow weak.

Sleeping Disorder: Do you snore or have someone close who snores? In some cases, snoring results from blockage of the nasal airway. It blockage can last between 2 to 3 minutes. If you’ve been snoring or you’ve been notified that you do, make a point to see your doctor as soon as possible and have your liver examined.

Mind Issues: If get your liver overworked, it may not be able to properly filter blood. Consequently, toxins may be left to roam the body freely. If the toxins find their way to your brain, you may undergo complication such as confusion, memory loss, and trouble making decisions.

Improving Your Liver’s Health

To improve the overall health and functionality of your liver, you need to get acquainted with the best lifestyle practices. First, you will have to reconstruct your diet. Begin by adding vegetables and fruits to your meals. The liver requires minerals and vitamins in order to function optimally. The only foods that contain these two elements in large quantities are vegetables and fruits. Next, you need to cut off food additives from your meals. The liver has the capability to filter the additives but there is no good reason why you subject your liver to more work consciously.

In most cases, the human liver is damaged by excessive and regular alcohol consumption. It’s not bad to have a few drinks every once in a while, but too much of it can severely damage your liver. The liver is wired in such a way that it processes as a form of toxin. This is because the alcohol usually has a toxic influence on the liver. Damage to the liver is, in most cases, irreversible. The most straightforward solution to ensuring your liver stays healthy and fully functional is by reducing or cutting off alcohol consumption. You can seek professional help in case you experience difficulties in doing so.