Achieving Career Success – Charity is Needed from Home

Now, unlike in the past, young adults heavily rely on their parents. According to studies by the Society of Grownups, 25 % of millennials rely upon their parents for financial help, and 67 percent agree that it is okay to move back in with their parents. However, before we start to castigate this “generation easy” it is essential for us to understand the times.

Systems have fractured. Economies are radically changing, and job markets are ever unpredictable. Profitable career opportunities are limited. The New York Comptroller Stringer Report of 2016 revealed that millennials now earn 20 percent less than the previous generation. Low wage industries and frequent financial setbacks are their regular cup of tea,

However, despite the bleak career and financial stability horizons, young adults today have high college attendance rates. Close to 72 percent of all young adults aged 23 to 29 have some college education. So where do the rains start beating, and can that be rectified? A recent study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence opens our eyes to pertinent issues surrounding career success for millennials today.

The study by Anna Manzoni, associate professor of psychology at North Carolina State University shows that youngsters who get financial support from their parents have increased chances of professional success. Financial assistance inspires higher education success and movement into productive careers.

This is a sharp turnaround from the old belief that parental support hinders the development of adult children. That idea could have worked for generation X and baby boomers, but not in the present-day world. Young adults that have the best careers have one thing in common; they are still close to their parents. They always get material support and advice from their parents. The same is true for college success and degree attainment.

Change is needed. Not among young adults (they are doing the best they can in the world they live in) but among their parents. Parenthood is not an occupation to retire from when children reach 18. The current generation demands more extended periods of parental (financial and practical) support. That includes paying for college education and helping them settle down and get their first job. That is how young adults can get a better focus and ability to maneuver these challenging times to attain career success.

Inequality starts when families become unable to support their children as they enter adulthood. Needless to emphasize, youngsters whose parents can afford to help them into their adulthood get a firm grounding in their education and occupation. Somehow, they make the best career choices. They do well in college and go on to become honchos in corporate and self-employment.

Inequality is a vicious cycle. It is us to break it first by bursting stereotypes. Until they are stable on the path of career success, young adults are still children needing advice, emotional support and most important material support.

When young adults receive financial support from their parents, it leads to closeness. This shades some light on the aloofness towards parents witnessed among many millennials today. Then, of course, the more aloof they are the fewer changes of career success they have. The best career path is one in which child and parents walk together, from college to graduation to the first job and subsequent promotions.

Parental guidance through the career journey is essential for building lasting relationships between parents and their children. Increased parental support helps the youngsters know that their parents are there for them during their journey to independence and career success. This revelation could well be the answer as to why many parents and children become estranged once the children hit adulthood. It is due to the dwindling parental support.

Providing young adults with material support does not make them lazy. It does not damage the parent-child relationship either; On the contrary, it is motivating and inspiring, giving the children a more precise focus in their career paths.

However, beware, parental support does not mean that they have to move in and live with you. Here is why; adult children who receive indirect support in the form of living with their parents have bleak career outlooks. It is self-explanatory; if they do not have to worry about paying rent, and all the rest of the bills, what reason will they have to strive for career growth?

Eight Window Treatments to Help You Lower Your Energy Bills

It is always important to get your house ready for the winter season, and the best place to start is choosing the best windows treatments. Below are eight simple and effective ideas to improve the efficiency of your house windows. These ideas have been tested and you do not need to hire a professional to implement them. With a drill and a tape measure, you can set-up the ideas on a weekend. Window treatment stores are some of the best places to find what fits your room.

Do you need to replace your windows?

Windows replacement is not the answer to most windows problems you might be facing. Even though there are times you may need to replace the windows, you should not rush that route without considering other efficient and less expensive ideas.

8 Effective Energy-Saving Window Treatments


Exterior shutters – Today, most shutters are just for decoration. Primarily, shutters were important parts of every window. Apart from protecting the windows during strong storms, exterior shutters help to keep out cold winds and hot sun. Installing operable exterior-shutters, and opening and closing them properly, you can save energy in your home. For example, during winter, you should close them to keep the cold weather off the windows glass. This will help you cut down on heat loss and condensation.

Interior shutters – Use of interior shutters is a popular and a gorgeous way to provide privacy to your home. But most people are not aware that by spinning the slats downward during summer and upwards during winter, you can keep the heat where it should be. The idea is easy, effective and beautiful. Happily, you can get attractive shuttles at several window treatment stores.

Storm Windows

Exterior – People who live in the northern States knows the benefit of exterior storm-windows. If you would like to have exterior storm-windows, the collection is wide, and there are many trustworthy places to consider such as Best Flooring. Though exterior storm-windows might be a bit expensive, they offer several benefits.

Interior –  Another energy saving window treatment is interior storm-windows. You can also get best interior storm panels from Best Flooring. Even though they may not offer protection like external storm-windows, they are effective and easy to install. Unlike external storms where you need a professional for installation, here you can do it yourself.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades. They are lightweight, beautiful shades that are available in different styles and functions. Cellular shades are effective at blocking heat and cold. They are designed in a manner that they create an air-pocket between your home and windows. They are effective and a worthy investment.

Window Film

If you are looking for a simple and an inexpensive way to save your home energy, window film is basically the best. With a few dollars, you can get best window firm for your house. Window film may not make a difference during the cold weather but are very effective in areas where the sun can make you melt. There is a wide range of window films to choose. Visit to get the right one for your needs.

Solar Screens

Most people do not know the benefits of solar screens. But people in the hot areas understand the importance and the benefits associated with Solar Screens. One thing about solar screen is that you can upgrade your current screens. Whether you have wood screens or aluminum frames, it does not matter. You can easily upgrade.


Some people may see the use of drapes as an old-fashioned way. But it is an effective strategy that can keep the heat where it belongs. When you close drapes at daytime, you will be able to keep the heat out. And at night when it cold, closing them will keep the heat in. You can choose any style, but the essential thing is to close them as the weather dictates.


Long before air conditioners, awnings were so popular. Even the famous buildings such as the White House was covered with awnings. This means awnings are great for blocking heat. They are simple and plain, and you can find them at the best window treatment stores. No major work is needed to install them.


Blinds are popular, and you can get unique styles at affordable prices at some of the best window treatment stores. Blinds work like stutters, you can turn the slats down to keep the heat out, and during winter, you turn them up to keep the heat in. It is an affordable window treatment.