Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Best Meal Replacement Shakes [Updated Review of 2020]

Losing weight has become a cause for concern to many. A lot of people spend lots of money to keep fit. Many factors contribute to gaining excess weight, especially the way people eat. For example, everywhere is filled with fast food while some lack of time. As such, Don’t know how to stick to a healthy diet. Therefore, one needs to find a good meal replacement. The best meal replacement shakes provide a comfortable way to maintain good health.

Of course, Meal replacement shakes have been in existence for a long. Meanwhile, hospitals were recommending it to their patients in order to shed weight. And it was for people with low appetite or unable to absorb nutrients. Read on to get the gist about the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

What Exactly is Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes are not different from protein shakes. Besides, people use it to enhance the food’s nutritional value. Luckily, the shake’s low-calorie level makes it ideal for healthy dieting.

They include protein and other vital nutrients to aid weight loss. Again, consuming the shake helps one in maintaining weight. It could work for people that want to control their appetite. That is because eating in excess can promote weight gain.

Moreover, meal replacement protein shakes, the main ingredient is protein. As such, it is not ideal for substituting a meal since it only adds protein to meals. Indeed, administering meal replacement shakes is quite easy, even as it exists in different forms. Fortunately, there’re weight-loss shake powders that one can mix with milk or meal bars.

Meal replacement shakes contain micro and macronutrients for balanced well-being. Thus, it can be consumed in the usual calorie diet.

Do Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

Using a meal replacement shake to replace a meal could aid weight loss. Also, it might be a convenient way to lose weight fast. But, to achieve a long-term weight loss requires a lifestyle adaptation. According to studies, substituting one or two diets each day with a shake is ideal. And it could help promote weight loss.

Most importantly, you may not be healthy if you consume too much junk food daily. Technically, meal replacement shakes are nutritious, and they contain fewer calories. They’re very useful in weight loss but the brand matters. So, you need to understand what you need them for, including other lifestyle factors.

Some of these shakes contain unhealthy ingredients that could make your journey unsuccessful. The best meal replacement shakes contain protein, fiber, carbs, etc. Therefore, go for the one that contains the right nutrients to promote healthy and safe weight loss.

How Do You Choose the Best Meal Replacement Shakes?

Of course, you should try these best meal replacement shakes whenever you desire to replace food. First, study the label carefully before using them. Besides, endeavor to know the protein and carb number that the product contains. Also, ensure that the packaging is safe and convenient for use.

Still, your product should have these specifications:

  • 15g of protein per portion
  • 3 grams of fiber per portion
  • Not more than 10 grams of sugar in each portion
  • 0% corn syrup
  • At least 33% of vitamins content
  • Fiber
  • Fatty acids

Protein improves satiety, making it an essential ingredient to look out for when choosing your ideal meal shake. You can also prepare weight loss shakes at home using certain ingredients. For example, many combine whey protein powder, milk, fruit, and other items to produce these shakes. Above all, homemade weight loss shakes could help one avoid too much refined sugar. You can learn about some meal replacement shake recipes online to support your diet.

Top 5 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Based on this review, these shakes are great for replacing meals. Also, you can add them to your diet to help you shed weight. The shakes below are less than 400 calories per serving. But, it would help if you went through them in order to make a pick.

The following are the top meal replacement shakes in the market.

310 Shake

310 Shake

Let’s see why this product can become your ideal replacement meal. First, there is a mouth-watering taste, sweet flavor, and excellent recipes. Manufacturers of this product extract it from the natural stevia leaf.

Besides, this one is gluten, soy, and sugar, and GMO-free. So, it does not contain any artificial sweeteners and is keto-friendly. This product comes with nine different flavors to support weight loss.

Moreover, this shake contains 90 calories per portion. It will prolong the time you stay full, providing fast-acting results. 310 shake has plant-based agents to offer a captivating taste. So, it will supplement your weight loss efforts.

Nevertheless, this product also boosts your energy and food absorption. Again, the 310 shake has over twenty vitamins and minerals to enhance your well-being. Ingredients in 310 shake include superfood greens, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant-based proteins, etc. Indeed, this is the best meal replacement shakes in the market.


  • Flavors: Vanilla, whey vanilla, chocolate mint, mocha, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla chai, toasted coconut, and chocolate.
  • Serving per container: 14 and 28
  • Serving size: 1 scoop (27.7g)
  • Amount per serving: 90 calories
  • Pack size: 1.77 pounds

Who should buy 310 Shake

310 shake is ideal for people who want to boost their metabolism. Also, you can buy it if you intend to shed weight as it helps one control cravings.

Who shouldn’t buy 310 Shake

Those who want to burn body fat rapidly should not buy it. That is because it does not contain an ingredient that would independently shed fat.

Thrive Shake

Thrive Shake

Thrive shake offers a well-balanced blend of nutrients to improve well-being. Thus, it is useful as a meal replacement and for weight loss. This product has low sugar but contains a considerable quantity of protein and fiber. Also, it has many essential vitamins and minerals.

Further, thrive shake has a low amount of calories in each serving. It contains all the vital ingredients to help boost energy and metabolism. Thrive shake can satisfy your hunger and help you stay fit. This weight-loss shake powder includes enough protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

This product is great for digestive and entire body health. That is due to the presence of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Thrive shake contains the right amount of calories per serving to aid weight loss. As such, you’ll be able to add additional ingredients to the formula.


  • Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, apple pie
  • Serving per container: 16
  • Serving size: 35g
  • Amount per serving: 110 calories
  • Pack size: 35g

Who should buy thrive shake

Thrive shake is perfect for people who want to manage appetite and increase their energy levels.

Who shouldn’t buy thrive shake

People suffering from anxiety should not buy the product as it could worsen the condition.

GNC Total Lean Shake

Best Meal Replacement Shakes - GNC Total Lean Shake

GNC Total Lean Shake is a popular diet shake for weight loss. Meanwhile, it is high in whey-based protein and fiber. The sugar content in this product is low, yet it contains artificial sweeteners. Fortunately, this meal shake is available in five unique types. When it comes to the taste, it is so good with awesome versatility.

Nonetheless, this diet shake has a better texture and is easy to mix. It is loaded with additional vitamins and minerals, high protein, and fiber. Therefore, it is perfect for replacing meals. Above all, this one is a delicious organic diet on-the-go. This product is Non-GMO, gluten soy, and dairy-free. Also, it does not contain any artificial sweeteners or added sugars.

GNC Total lean shake is filled with incredible nutrition to help quench hunger. It may work perfectly for exercise endurance and managing weight. In short, this meal shake is easy to digest and helps one feel great. The product contains 6g of organic fiber and below 1g of sugar. The manufacturers of this meal shake farm without using any toxic pesticides or fertilizers. And, it undergoes third-party certification by vegan action.


  • Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, banana, mixed berry, cream, and cookies
  • Serving per container: 14 servings
  • Serving size: 2 scoops
  • Amount per serving: 180 calories
  • Pack size: 1.69lbs

Who should buy GNC lean shake

This product is perfect for people who are trying to build lean muscle. But it is only suitable for a short-term period.

Who shouldn’t buy GNC lean shake

It is not ideal for people who are following a low-cholesterol diet.

SlimFast Shake

Best Meal Replacement Shakes - SlimFast Shake

Slim-Fast is fully-packed, making it one of the best meal replacement shakes on the market. It boasts a significant amount of protein and nutrients.

What’s more, it’s delicious, tasting like chocolate, and doesn’t contain gluten. Anyone using it can stay for about four hours without developing an appetite for food.

SlimFast is one of the best meal shakes for those who want to shed extra weight. It contains enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, thereby making it a balanced formula. As such, it is filled with essential vitamins and minerals.

But, following a meal replacement process will help you limit your blood sugar. That’s to prevent the risk of diabetes-related complications.

People using this product will experience quick weight loss. Besides, SlimFast prevents constipation because of its rich fiber content. As expected, taking this product daily will help limit your food cravings. SlimFast has a plan whereby one needs to replace two meals each day.


  • Flavors: creamy milk chocolate, strawberries and cream, French vanilla, cappuccino delight, and rich chocolate royale
  • Serving per container: 14
  • Serving size: 36.5g
  • Amount per serving: 230 calories
  • Pack size: 12.83 ounce

Who should buy SlimFast shake

You should buy SlimFast if you want to shed excess fat.

Who shouldn’t buy SlimFast shake

You shouldn’t buy SlimFast if you’re a starter. That is because of the presence of whey protein, which is inflammatory.

FitMiss Review

Best Meal Replacement Shakes - FitMiss Review

FitMiss is one of the best meal replacement shakes for women. It helps satisfy hunger while offering real benefits. Besides, it contains superior and safe ingredients to aid weight loss. It also promotes lean muscles, mass development, and recovery. This product features a vegetable plant-based diet protein known to suppress hunger and support weight loss.

Further, it contains vitamins and minerals to keep you full. FitMiss is gluten-free and low in carbs. It delivers optimal levels of digestive enzymes, all thanks to the added vegetable and fruits. This product contains a modern weight-loss innovation, including top-quality ingredients.

Meanwhile, FitMiss is the perfect protein shake for women, and it offers a tasting solution. This meal shake will sustain your energy and suppress your appetite. That is possible due to the balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


  • Flavors: chocolate delight and vanilla chai
  • Serving per container: 23
  • Serving size: 1 scoop (23g)
  • Amount per serving: 90 calories
  • Pack size: 2 pounds

Who should buy FitMiss Shake

Buy FitMiss if you want to lose weight and increase your energy levels.

Who shouldn’t buy FitMiss Shake

If you’re allergic to milk, soy, and egg, then this product is not good for you.

Where to buy Meal Replacement Shakes

The best place to purchase the best meal replacement shakes is via the internet. Of course, each brand has its website, making the task easier for you. You can also get these replacement shakes for pharmaceutical stores. In this case, try to go through the buying instructions we outlined above before you pay.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to support your fitness efforts, meal replacement shakes are excellent. There are easy to consume and helps you lose weight faster. Besides, these products reduce your food cravings and calorie intake. These shakes contain a mixture of healthy ingredients with little side effects. As such, they are safe to consume.

Be mindful that these products only provide short-term weight loss. Therefore, you have to combine it with physical activity. Also, try and monitor your weight and maintain regular eating patterns to achieve long-term weight loss.

Meanwhile, pick one that has high protein content. Of course, shakes with low sugar and natural substances are healthy for you. So, research your options before you buy any meal replacement shakes.